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If your target audience is people under 35, then Bilibili is ideal for building an image and increasing brand awareness. BMW, Starbucks, Pepsi, Oreo, Lay’s and many other international brands have been active on this platform for a long time. Outlandish are Bilibili marketing experts – be sure to contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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A popular video streaming & sharing platform

Although most Chinese people watch short videos, the popularity of long format is growing rapidly. The popular youth-oriented video streaming and sharing giant Bilibili is considered to be the platform most similar in nature to YouTube.

Bilibili used to be mainly themed around animation, comics, and games. Today, Bilibili’s 267-million monthly active users are more diverse and older. The platform’s grown to a pan-entertainment online video community with content ranging from fashion, lifestyle and technology, to gastronomy, knowledge sharing, and much more.

Official content providers for Bilibili

Company founder William August became the first foreign influencer to reach 1 million followers on Bilibili. Outlandish has already nurtured at least 10 influencers. Our multicultural team has years of professional experience in creating stunning pieces of video content, both for startup businesses and larger impactful brands. Many of our videos go viral, even on accounts with a small number of subscribers. As the official content providers for Bilibili, we are engaged in video production of educational courses for premium subscribers of the platform.

What We Can Do

Opening a Bilibili account is not just copy-pasting your global communication materials on this platform. In order to better connect with Bilibili users, it is important to adapt your content strategy to the platform’s DNA. We will undertake the whole process of creation, producing, posting, and promoting long videos for your company.

  • Account management
  • Content planning
  • Video production

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If you have a video idea for Chinese market, leave us a message using the contact form below! If you don’t, we’ll think of the best options for you. For more information about our other video marketing services, please click on a link below:

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