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China is one of the world leaders in relation to the influence of personal accounts on Internet users. Unlike the West, Chinese people place more value on influencer accounts because they have little faith in official accounts and subscribe to them less readily.

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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Marketing

To do KOL marketing correctly, choosing a suitable KOL on the right platform is very significant. A suitable KOL should be relevant to your industry and has established trust within the community.

The founders of Outlandish are also influencers in China and bring with them a wealth of experience in this area. In addition, Outlandish Group owns stakes in other influencers’ accounts. We know many players in this industry and can negotiate the optimal terms of cooperation for your brand.

What We Can Do:

  • Find the right influencers for your brand, products and individual situation
  • Communicate with influencers to ensure smooth cooperation
  • Collect data and analyse performance

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