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RED (Little Red Book, Xiaohongshu) is the home of beauty and fashion shopping for China’s consumers. User-generated content is RED’s strength, so it serves as more of a discovery platform. To find out how Outlandish can help you grow your brand on RED, please get in touch today!

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RED (Little Red Book, Xiaohongshu)

Crucially, 90% of RED’s 200 million users are middle or upper-class women with higher degrees of disposable income who love to discover and review beauty and health products that can be challenging to find in China. This is an incredibly lucrative market for global fashion and cosmetics brands.

RED also features a lot of content about lifestyle products such as nutritional supplements. Posts on tourism and overseas destinations are also popular, with a lot of travel bloggers getting in on the action.

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  • Account management
  • Content planning and copywriting
  • Daily maintenance and promotions

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