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In China, WeChat has become the app for everything. An official WeChat account is a must-have if you are in China. As websites are not very popular here, your calling card should be your WeChat account.

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The most popular app in China

WeChat is the first place consumers will go to see if you really exist as a brand! Despite being the most popular app in China, the promotion opportunities on WeChat are actually quite limited. You may not always reach your target audience by developing your WeChat official account since it can be expensive. There are, however, some functions and services that might be useful, such as enabling people to book reservations or appointments.

What We Can Do

  • Account management
  • Content planning and copywriting
  • Daily maintenance and promotions

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If you have questions about promotion on WeChat, please don’t hesitate to send us a message using the contact form below. For more information about what other social media can help develop your brand in China, please click on a link below:


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