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Weibo is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It’s the biggest newsfeed, microblogging and social network platform in China. If you don’t have an official Weibo account, then you are essentially invisible as a brand in China. To find out how Outlandish can help you grow your brand on Weibo, please get in touch today!

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Weibo Social Network Platform in China

Weibo’s main feed is algorithmic, showing users a mix of content from accounts they follow, content engaged with people they follow, hot posts and promoted posts. The platforms’ openness and emphasis on pushing trending topics to its audience is why many netizens still turn to Weibo to discuss, celebrate or indeed, to complain about anything.

An official WeChat account is simply a representative account; investing a lot of resources into it beyond having an active presence is not worth it.

What We Can Do

We pay close attention to Weibo’s hot trending topics to gain extra attention by capturing the zeitgeist.

  • Account management
  • Content planning and copywriting
  • Daily maintenance and promotions

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If you have questions about promotion on Weibo, please don’t hesitate to send us a message using the contact form below. For more information about what other social media can help develop your brand in China, please click on a link below:


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