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If you want real feedback and insights about people’s experience doing business or opinions about the latest news, where would you look? In China, Zhihu might be your ideal choice. To find out how Outlandish can help you grow your brand on Zhihu, please get in touch today!

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Zhihu question & answer platform in China

Zhihu is the largest professional question and answer platform in China, like Quora. It stands out from its competitors by providing high-quality questions and credible answers. The platform has 100 million active users and has become an instrumental player in the China online ecosystem in recent times due to its reliability and trustworthiness.

Zhihu is owned by Baidu, so popular responses from Zhihu are prioritised in organic search results. For your SEO in China, this is crucial.

What We Can Do

We create ‘personal’ accounts that users of Zhihu trust and Baidu search engines perceive very to be very trustworthy. This is a secure option to increase awareness and improve your brand image.

  • Content planning & writing
  • Account management

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If you have questions about our Zhihu services, please don’t hesitate to send us a message using the contact form below. For more information about what other social media can help develop your brand in China, please click on a link below:


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