Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in China

If you need to build a presence in China or you’re looking into expanding your business, we suggest implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy in China. Some founders just want to replicate the strategy they followed when successfully conquering their home market, assuming that their previous strategy will most likely work the same in the new country. However, China is very different from any other market and should be approached with understanding when entering.

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Valuable Insights Into The Chinese Market

It is our obligation to keep an eye on ever-evolving consumer trends and the social, economic, and political factors in China that drive them. We’ll give you valuable insights about your market opportunities, competitive benchmarking, as well as potential risks. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in a market as complicated as China.

Plan your marketing activities in China

A long-term work plan for marketing activities in China, based on the market situation, trends, and competitors includes:

  • Analysis of your current digital impact, by market size and share
  • Analysis of competitors’ online presence
  • Target audience profile
  • Customer journey and behaviour analysis
  • Analysis of the product and possible marketing messages
  • Suggestions for adapting positioning
  • The choice of channels for delivering messages to consumers
  • Content strategy
  • Analysis of required resources (budgets, HR, KPI)
  • Analysis of financial indicators (unit-economics, funnel conversions, etc.)

What Next?

If you’re interested in entering the Chinese market with a tailored digital marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to leave us a message using the form below. If you’re not ready for a full digital marketing strategy commitment, you could also consider a Chinese Market Entry Analysis. Click on one of the following options for further information:

Chinese Market Entry Analysis
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