Localization and Adaptation for Chinese Market

Are you wondering how to get closer to the Chinese consumer without merging with local brands and maintaining foreign positioning? Our experts will help you find the right balance and ‘repackage’ your products and services the right way.

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dealing with politically sensitive content

Chinese consumers are patriotic and also, rather sensitive. Touching on taboo topics can be disastrous, as it is usually followed by a boycott movement if the issue is not tackled appropriately. Brands should pay extra attention when dealing with politically sensitive content, such as the indisputable topic of territorial borders.

What We Can Do:

Outlandish are experts in the Chinese market and can help you:

  • Translate and localise product names and descriptions to suit the local market
  • Select your products with the best opportunities in China

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Do you want to have your brand localised for China’s market? You can always leave us a message using the contact form below. For more information about our Chinese Market Entry services, please click on one of the links below:

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